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Abortion and Breast Cancer

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Subject: Abortion and breast cancer.

According to renowned scientists around the world, there is indeed a relationship between abortion and breast cancer. Estrogen, the hormone responsible for breast growth, is incresed by 2000% by the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. If a pregnancy ends before 32 weeks, the lobules are type 2 and flooded with estrogen. If the pregnancy goes past 32 weeks, the lobules would have progressed to type 3 which are more resistant to cancer. Breast lobules of type 1 or 2 copy their DNA faster than type 3 lobules. The faster the DNA is copied, the greater the risk of mutations or cancer cells forming.

The risk of breast cancer is greater when greater amounts of estrogen occur together with immature lobules (types 1 or 2). A pregancy that ends early on by natural miscarriage would not increase cancer risk as these pregnancies tend to have low levels of estrogen.

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