Saturday, July 01, 2006


As you can all see below, SB-2166 has been submitted to Governor Lingle for veto. Praise God!!!

Please keep in mind that the pro-abortion lobby and other special interest groups will continue to put pressure on her to take it out of the list until the moment she vetoes it. So it's appropriate and necessary that we continue to encourage her to veto it. Be sure and compliment her for her wise decision to follow through with the veto. And after she does veto it, thank her again and then please pray that the liberal legislators will not try to override her veto.

For all of you that submitted testimony, made phone calls, sent letters, e-mails & faxes we say "God Bless You." Take pride that you made a difference - and helped to save innocent lives.

In the Cause for Life,
John Calvin Long
Executive Director
Hawaii Right to Life

For Immediate Release: June 26, 2006

HONOLULU – Governor Linda Lingle today submitted to the State Legislature a list of 28 bills that she is considering for potential vetoes. The complete list is attached.

The Governor is required by statute to give the Legislature 10 days notice of any bill she is considering vetoing, prior to the July 11 deadline when she must take final action on the bills passed this legislative session. Any bill on the potential veto list can still be signed by the Governor or allowed to become law without her signature.

“While I recognize that the Legislature and many in the community worked hard to pass these measures, it is ultimately my responsibility as Governor to ensure that the bills are legal, constitutional, fiscally sound, and in the best interest of the public,” said Governor Lingle. “These 28 bills are of concern due to various factors including technical flaws, potential unintended consequences, or have a significant negative impact on the public.”

Over the next 10 days, the Lingle-Aiona Administration will continue to review the 28 bills. The review process may include meeting with legislators or parties who testified on the bills, as well as reviewing communications from the public.

This year the Legislature passed 354 bills out of 2,758 that were introduced at the start of the session, nearly 30 percent more than each of the past three years (272 were passed in 2003, 274 in 2004 and 276 in 2005).

As of today, the Governor has signed or allowed to become law without her signature 241 bills passed this session. Five bills were vetoed while the Legislature was still in session.

For more information, contact:

Lenny Klompus Russell Pang
Senior Advisor – Communications Chief of Media Relations
Phone: (808) 586-7708 Phone: (808) 586-0043

June 26, 2006

SB 2166 “Relating to Minors”

Explanation: This bill goes beyond its stated intent of helping minors without guardians, by allowing some minors as young as fourteen years of age to consent to surgery and treatments to induce abortion who may not have the maturity or fully understand the long-range consequences of their decisions. Parental rights and obligations are undermined when the State sanctions in law that a child may avoid, for whatever reason, the involvement of a parent or responsible adult. The bill further requires the health insurer to participate in this concealment by keeping this information from the responsible adult.

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