Friday, August 25, 2006

FDA Decision on Plan B Irritates, Disappoints Pro-Lifers

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By Jody Brown and Mary Rettig
August 25, 2006

(AgapePress) -- The FDA has taken what pro-life groups consider an ill-advised step by approving Plan B -- also referred to as the "morning-after" pill -- for over-the-counter access for women 18 and older. At least one of those groups contends the federal agency has overstepped its authority in the decision, and that the non-prescription availability of the emergency contraception will have a "detrimental effect" on women and parents.

Plan B, manufactured by Barr Pharmaceuticals, contains the same ingredient used in prescription birth-control pills, only in higher dosage. Today's decision by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration makes the drug available without prescription to women over the age of 18; it remains available as a prescription-only product for women 17 and younger. Those opposed to the change have pointed out that the FDA has no authority to enforce the age restriction, and that Barr has no intention to do so. Perhaps in response to that criticism, Barr has stated it will implement a "rigorous labeling, packaging, education, distribution, and monitoring program" for Plan B.

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