Thursday, August 03, 2006

FDA to Reconsider Availability of Plan B

The FDA is under fire from pro-abortion politicians for delaying a decision to dispense the “morning after pill.”

A brisk exchange between pro-abortion Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa and the nominated chief of the FDA Andrew von Eschenbach at his confirmation hearing indicates how far the abortion industry is willing to go to make the Morning After Pill available to young women.
“I don’t know them all, but I know in France it’s done with school nurses. Young girls can go to a school nurse and get it with medical supervision.”

“That’s fine. Would you be in favor of that here? School nurses?”

So it was with alarm that pro-life advocates responded to the news that the FDA was planning to meet with Barr Labs. Bethanie Swendson is with the Family Research Council.

“We felt that it was more of a political move on his part to try to get the confirmation process through more swiftly.”

Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America says the proposal to ensure that ‘only women over 18’ could buy the pill is unworkable.

“Certainly there’s no way that they could put a gender restriction on who buys the drug. How could they possibly think that they could ensure that men would not buy the drug?”
Why would men want to buy the drug?

“A forty year old man that is statutorily raping a thirteen year old girl is going to want to cover up his abuse. He wants to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant to make sure he doesn’t get caught. This would be an easy way for him to do it.”
This doesn’t even leave a plan A for the victims.

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