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Tests show clinic drenched in blood

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Tests show clinic drenched in blood
Former HQ for abortion business had blood on walls 'floor to ceiling'

Posted: August 8, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

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A Wichita, Kan., building that formerly was used as the headquarters for an abortion business had blood covering its walls "from floor to ceiling," according to a witness.

The building, purchased recently by
Operation Rescue, was the home for Central Women's Services before the business fell behind on its rental payments and Operation Rescue purchased the site.

After the purchase, Operation Rescue invited reporters and others to visit the site, pointing out the room where aborted babies were stored until they were collected for disposal, the recovery rooms and the stained sink connected to a huge garbage disposal.

In continuing their documentation, an Operation Rescue team recently went into the building at night with a chemical that reacts to the presence of human blood with a glow, and their nightmares were confirmed.

"We were expecting to find a little bit of blood. We were not expecting to find the amount we found," office manager Brenna Sullenger told WorldNetDaily. "It was horrifying. It covered the walls floor to ceiling.

"In the procedure rooms you could tell the outline of the table, but the rest of it was covered. I was pretty horrified," she said.

The building had been used as an abortion business for decades, and officials believe there were an estimated 50,000 abortions performed there.

It now is intended for eventual use as a memorial for those who lost their lives there, and as the national headquarters for Operation Rescue. However, Sullenger said there will be "major remodeling" before she goes to work in the structure.

"It's just that you know what happened there," she told WND.

The remodeling also is why the stains were documented, on both still and video cameras, before any changes are made, officials said.

Brenna Sullenger sprayed the floors and walls with luminal, while Keith Mason used a still camera and Cheryl Sullenger videotaped the testing and the results.

They started in the recovery room area.

"As Brenna began to spray the baseboards and the walls, suddenly, the entire room reflected an eerie glow as the area began to emit a bright pale-blue luminescence – the positive indicator of the presence of human blood," the group said in its report.

Both spatter patterns and smears, where it appeared there were cleanup attempts, were revealed.

"The walls looked like there had been a chain saw massacre in there," said Cheryl Sullenger.

Then, in the first abortion room, there were similar results. A floor vent revealed particularly heavy amounts of blood, with indicators it had literally drained down into the vent.

"I was not sure I could continue the testing at that point," said Brenna Sullenger. "The blood spatter revealed a pattern that clearly showed the orientation of the abortion table and the location of the suction machine."

The small closet where a sink and garbage disposal were found "lit up like a Christmas tree," said Cheryl Sullenger.

What had appeared to be rust stains during daylight hours "glowed with bright blue reflections indicating the thick presence of human blood," she said. Even the paper towel dispenser glowed.

"I am sure the clinic workers unwittingly left work each day covered in bloody residue that was invisible to the naked eye, but present nonetheless. They very literally had blood on their hands, and probably just about everywhere else too," she said.

Virtually no traces of blood were found in the counseling room, giving the team members confidence the chemical was working properly.

"There were obviously areas that were nearly saturated with human blood, and other areas of the building that little or no blood was found. We would not have gotten those results if the luminal was giving us false positive readings," said Mason.

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