Thursday, October 05, 2006

How To Counter the Ms. Magazine Abortion Petition

Hat tip to A Catholic Mom in Hawaii for posting the following:

By now you probably have read
THE ARTICLE about the petition being prepared by Ms. Magazine. As Amy puts it:

Ms. magazine is running the names of 5,000 women who are boasting they had abortions. Why? Because - as Ann Coulter argues - abortion is the holiest of sacraments for the left.

In response and to counter that blatant display of disregard for life, AMY is preparing a Petition to send to Congress. The following is from her blog:

So now I'm asking you, my readers, fellow bloggers, fellow pro-lifers, to do something very simple:

Help me create a petition that will put the one in Ms. to shame. Email this post to every man and woman you know. Email your names and cities/states to me. I'll compile them and send a petition to Congress - a petition with the names of people who think women (and their unborn children) deserve better than an abortion.

I want to get more than the 5,000 signatures Ms. is boasting it has.

The heading of the petition will read:

We, the undersigned, believe that life begins at conception, and that the dignity and life of every human being must be respected from conception to natural death. We believe abortion is a grave immoral act and constitutes murder of a human being, and that women and unborn children deserve better. Therefore, we urge our government and representatives to hear our voices as we oppose America's current abortion laws.

So be sure to email
Amy your name, city and state and to forward the blog link to every man and women who stands for life.