Friday, July 14, 2006

Mahalo to Gov. Lingle and HRTL's Grassroots "Army" for the defeat of SB-2166

We have some wonderful news for all of you and we need you to pass this on through your e-mail networks.

The good news is that on Tuesday, July 11th around 11am, Governor Lingle vetoed the horrible bill SB-2166, that included abortion provisions for minors!

We all need to call or write her office and thank her for doing the right thing this time. It's important to let our elected officials know that we appreciate it when they do something good as Governor Lingle did with regard to this bill.

Her office number is 586-0034. Her fax is 586-0006 and her e-mail address is You might also want to call and thank the Lt. Governor as well. His information and the names and information for all the legislators that voted against this bill will be included at the bottom of this page.

Hawaii Right to Life is only as effective as the grassroots supporters that respond in the time of need. Those of you reading these words that acted when we contacted you can know that you played a major part in preventing more deaths to innocent babies. Please contact your friends and family members that you know participated with us and thank them on our behalf.

In the meantime we want to say to all of you that responded to our message and contacted the Governor a big "Mahalo Nui Loa" and "God Bless You All!"


Statements of objections for this bill can be found on the Governor's Web site at

Here is the list of the Lt. Governor and the other legislators that voted against this bill on their final vote on the floor.

Lt.Gov James "Duke" Aiona
Phone: (808) 586-0255 FAX: (808) 586-0231

Representative Colleen Rose Meyer
phone 808-586-8540; fax 808-586-8544

Representative Mark Moses
phone 808-586-8540; fax 808-586-8544

Senator Will Espero
phone 808-586-6360; fax 808-586-6361

Senator Fred Hemmings
phone 808-587-8388; fax 808-587-7240

Senator Bob Hogue
phone 808-587-7215; fax 808-587-7220

Senator Clarence Nishihara
phone 808-586-6970; fax 808-586-6879

Senator Norman Sakamoto
phone 808-586-8585; fax 808-586-8588

Senator Sam Slom
phone 808-586-8420; fax 808-586-8426

Senator Gordon Trimble
phone 808-586-7100; fax 808-586-7109

Senator Paul Whalen
phone 808-586-9385; fax 808-586-9391
From the Big Island toll free 974-4000 + 69385

In the Cause for Life,
John Calvin Long, Executive Director
Hawaii Right to Life

Hawaii Right to Life
1019 University Avenue, Ste.#7-B
Honolulu, Hawaii 96826-1509

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