Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Executive Director Says “Goodbye”For Now...

John Long
Executive Director Says “Goodbye”For Now...

It’s necessary for me to take a sabbatical for awhile but I want to assure you that Hawaii Right to Life will go on.

HRTL will continue to play a relevant part both locally and nationally in the cause for life. Our door will remain open to all in need of our assistance. We will continue to educate, speaking whenever and wherever possible on the most recent issues of the day. We will continue to fight for life at Hawaii’s legislature standing up for the innocent (the unborn, the elderly and the handicapped). We will be their voice, speaking with moral clarity and defending human life, wherever it’s attacked. We will continue to speak daily regarding current events on KLHT Radio 1040AM. FYI, K-Light has graciously allowed me the opportunity to speak to you about life issues for the past 6 years and I am so very thankful to them for their staunch support of the pro-life cause in Hawaii. They have provided me an avenue to reach you that no other medium has offered. Through them I have hopefully been able to educate you on issues, legislation and current events germane to our humanity and God’s heart on life.

Even though I need to leave for a while, Hawaii Right to Life will not go away until ALL human life is revered and acknowledged to be sanctified by our Heavenly Father.

God bless you all...

John C. Long
Executive Director of Hawaii Right to Life

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