Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Want to Live

H/T to Jim


Anonymous said...

Although,I'm from the Midwest on the Mainland,I just want to comment on the temporary loss, of a "great man"in Hawaii,for the cause of "human babies" that cannot speak for themselves and for the very essence/Spirit of Life itself!!! He has lived among the people of Hawaii..holding up a beacon of truth and light in a dark world of lies and political agenda's that do not care about the very core of all existence, The Creator God and His life giving and perserving nature.
I write ,to applaud ,this man, for his "commitment",even though I'm sure at times, he felt feelings of discouragment and helplessness and frustration ,that he was not being listened to and that he couldn't do more in his labor of love,there in Hawaii. I commend, his integrity and compassion to be selfless and caring enough, to speak the truth and hold people and government to a point of accountability for the choices they made or make to,NOT" protect the precious LIFE that ONLY God gives. John Long's,voice for the innocent and defenseless, LIVING BEINGS to be able to CHOOSE LIFE, shall continue to resonate Wisdom, Love, Healing Forgiveness and Life,for all time, to the Glory of God,in the history of Hawaii! May God have MERCY on Hawaii and America ,and bless, John Long as he takes a well-earned and deserved sabbatical. Though he be away..I know that Hawaii and the "Right for Life" given,to every human being, will always remain a steadfast throb of his heart. Thank you,John,for serving Hawaii and Father God..may Jesus Himself, say,to you, "Well done my good and faithful servant"!!!

Anonymous said...

Incredible!! I'll share this with everyone I know. My 16 yr old got misty eyed!!! Thank You!!!!!!!