Friday, January 26, 2007

Letter to the Governor and Lt. Governor

Used with permission.

Dear Governor Lingle,

With much respect I write to you to ask a question about HB 675. This bill, entitles "Death With Dignity" (a health-oriented bill) did BYPASS the House Health Committee and was referred only to committees whose chairs would virtually guarantee it's passage - probably unammended.

Both House Health Committee Chairman Green and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Waters told me via office staff on the phone that they are awaiting a re-referral to the House Health Committee.

My question to you is this. Can Speaker Say intentionally (as he has had multiple requests for re-referral from the involved committee chairs and the public) bypass an appropriate committee in order to accomplish what appears to insure a bill's passage? This is perceived to be a flagrant violation of our trusted legislative process.

Governor Lingle, I believe in you and have happily voted for you twice, and am asking you to look into this situation and speak with Speaker Say to avoid what would be perceived to be a major violation of the public's trust in our government.

I am respectfully awaiting your reply.
Patricia L. Cabalse

Dear Lt. Governor Aiona,
Please Sir. Do what you can.
This is important.
Pat cabalse