Friday, March 16, 2007

10 Reasons to Choose Life

Unborn Baby
H/T to Catholic Fire

1. Because at conception, your baby's curly hair, green eyes, 5'6"frame, and female gender have already been determined.

2. Because at 21 days, her heart is beating.

3. Because at 43 days, she has brain waves.

4. Because at 8 weeks, she has fingers and toes.

5. Because at 10 weeks, she can feel pain.

6. Because at 12 weeks, she can suck her thumb.

7. Because at 4 months, she can listen to Mozart.

8. Because at 5 months, she can dream.

9. Because at 7 months, she can recognize her mother's voice.

10. Because at 9 months, you've got a friend for life.
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