Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sam Brownback: Protect Unborn Children From Abortion, After Birth Too

Republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback is strongly pro-life and, as a result, opposes the killing of unborn children from abortion. But he told the audience at a New Hampshire campaign stop that he strongly supports protecting children after birth as well.



Psycheout said...

Sam's message in support of all life should resonate with all of America, especially conservatives. Say no to RINOs!

Keep up with the latest Brownback buzz at Blogs 4 Brownback!

Billy Valentine said...

Senator Brownback is the only true pro-life candidate with a proven record in the race for '08. All pro-lifers need to take a stand for him, as he has always taken a stand for the unborn.

Please urge National Right to Life to endorse Senator Brownback!

Esther said...

Mahalo to both of you for your comments!