Monday, March 19, 2007

Understanding Abortion Kills Children: Are We Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?


...Now I know how real this is because I see it every day--adults not knowing simple truths that are obvious to children. I can take a set of fetal models or pictures of babies in the womb to any first or fifth grade class room in this country.

I can ask the kids to identify what is in the picture, and they will tell me that it is a baby. I see it all summer as parents bring their kids to the booth and, when they see the fetal models, they say, "Baby, baby," as they try to reach down to pick one up.

Now you take these same models and pictures to a group of adults and you will get the most ridiculous answers to the same question: "a blob of tissues," "a potential life," "just a fetus." I have even heard them call the baby "a parasite" many times. It is sad that adults have to cloud a simple truth to justify a horrific action like abortion...

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Anonymous said...

With each new generation, comes the realisations of some of the mistakes of the former.

Something to do with evolution I suspect.

Many practices of the past are no longer practiced.

Abortion should soon join the practices of old.