Monday, May 07, 2007

Message From the HRTL Director

Dear Pro-Life Supporter, April 25, 2007

Re: Invitation for Membership

I would like to invite you to join us in the fight for life. Let me introduce myself, I am Beverly Larranaga, the current Executive Director of Hawaii Right to Life. The former Executive Director, John Long, has taken a sabbatical of an undetermined length. I took this job because I believe in saving the lives of millions of unborn babies, the disabled and the elderly. I truly believe in the heartfelt mission and commitment of Hawaii Right to Life. Our Mission Statement at Hawaii Right to Life is as follows:

“Promote the common good and general welfare of the People of the State of Hawaii through the advancement of reverence for all innocent and defenseless human life from conception to natural death.”

We take this mission very seriously, that is why we are made up of three major action components; they are the legislative, educational and political action legs of Hawaii Right to Life.

We are recruiting membership for our Education Fund. This component is non-profit, to administer and solicit contributions to be used for educational purposes, teaching our community about the health and moral benefits of Pro-Life issues. Donations are Tax Deductible, IRC Section 501(c)(3).

When you partner with Hawaii Right to Life you will rest in assurance we are defending the lives of the defenseless. Membership is $25.00 and lasts for one year. This membership is tax deductible and goes to our Educational Fund. As a member of Hawaii Right to Life you will receive a membership package with the following:

A HRTL email newsletter once a month and occasional alerts
A check list of ways to help save lives
Do’s and don’ts for Political Activity of Pastors (give a copy to your Pastor)
Educational information on Physician Assisted Suicide, Stem Cell Research, Abortion and Abstinence
Voter guides (in election years)

Mahalo for your consideration as a valued and treasured member of Hawaii Right to Life.

Beverly Larranaga
Executive Director,

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