Monday, July 02, 2007

Bev's Broadcast - #204 Patients First Act Stem Cell Bills

This is Beverly Larranaga of Hawaii Right to Life

We applaud President Bush for his veto of S.5 for the second time that would force taxpayers to finance embryonic stem cell research; two members of Congress say it's again time to look at ethical alternatives.

The House members have introduced a bill they say promote stem cell science everyone can rally around. Reps. Randy Forbes, a New York Republican, and Dan Lipinski, an Illinois Democrat, have introduced H.R. 2807, the "Patients First Act."

Their measure would promote research and clinical trials using stem cells that are ethically obtained and show evidence providing clinical benefit for human patients. With scientists making progress and breakthroughs such as discovery of stem cells in amniotic fluid and embryonic-like stem cells from skin cells, their bill would prioritize this type of ethical and promising research.

We applaud and support the Patients first Act and the legislators who introduced it.

With Blessings,

This has been Beverly Larranaga of Hawaii Right to Life

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