Thursday, September 06, 2007

Gef Paid to be Prolife

The following is from Students for Life
Dear Pro-Lifer,

Students for Life of America needs your help to start campus pro-life groups! The beginning of the school year is the best time to start groups, and SFLA's Field Agents can't be everywhere. We need you to help SFLA succeed in equipping the pro-life generation!

SFLA will pay you $250 for each pro-life group that you start on a college campus this fall!

It's simple to get started:

Fill out the contractand mail or fax it in to SFLA to become a Students for Life of America Ambassador.
Mail: 4141 N. Henderson Road Suite 4 Arlington, VA 22203
Fax: 866-582-6420

Before you try to start the club, e-mail SFLA to make sure there isn't already a group on the campus.
Use the resources at to help you organize the group.

Start a pro-life group with:
4 Officers with contact information

1 Event
1 Mission Statement
10 Pictures
1 Activating Phone Call with SFLA
Turn in your information to Students for Life of America at

As a SFLA Ambassador, you will be able to provide your group with benefits such as:

A national network of over 350 pro-life groups
Statewide organizations that will help them become politically involved and grow
Regular training in sidewalk counseling, media activism, leadership,organization development, and more.
Resources like free newspapers, posters, speakers, and more.

Thank you for your support of SFLA. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.

For Life,

Michael Barnett
Field Director

O: 703-351-6280
F: 866-582-6420
Students for Life

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