Tuesday, November 27, 2007

From Operation Rescue

From an email sent by them:

Police Destroy

Our Truth Truck!!!
They Throw Our Driver In Jail

And Trample On Our Free Speech Rights!

Your help is urgently needed
to help us fight this grave injustice!

Dear Friend of Operation Rescue,

This is an OUTRAGE!!!

Last Friday -- the day after Thanksgiving, when throngs of shoppers hit the malls -- one of our loyal, courageous Truth Truck drivers took the truck to a fancy shopping mall in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

He bravely Showed The Truth about abortion by driving all around the mall for hours with our eye-catching, impossible-to-ignore full-color pictures of aborted babies.


Somebody called the cops!

And when the Gwinnett County police officers got there, they immediately pulled the Truth Truck over and ARRESTED OUR DRIVER -- Bob Roethlisberger -- on charges of "disorderly conduct"!!!

Their reasoning? They claimed the pictures of aborted babies are "vulgar and obscene" -- and they demanded that Bob take them off the truck at once!

When he refused to do so, they handcuffed him and hauled him to jail!!!

That's right -- for exercising his First Amendment rights to Free Speech in a public forum, Bob Roethlisberger spent the entire weekend in the Gwinnett County jail -- with bail set at more than $2,500!!!

When Bob asked the police on what grounds they could dare to censor his message, one of the officers replied, "I AM the community censor!"

The Gwinnett County police were clearly HOSTILE to our pro-life message. Why, even the Magistrate signed the warrant to arrest Bob and silence the Truth Truck!!!

Worse Than Pro-Aborts!!!

In fact, as Bob was being booked into jail, the Truth Truck was IMPOUNDED -- and the police proceeded to DESTROY the signs and the mounting hardware on the Truck!

They violently RIPPED THE SIGNS OFF THE TRUCK and booked them as "evidence" -- as if taking photos wouldn't work.

Now we have NO SIGNS on the Truth Truck -- and no way to mount new ones since the police DESTROYED the mounting hardware!!!

Clearly, they're out to SILENCE the Truth Truck!!!

And listen: If we let them get away with this in Georgia, they'll do it EVERYWHERE!!!

That's why I need your help TODAY...

I'm heading down to Georgia as you read this.

I have to pay Bob Roethlisberger's bail, and then I'm going to confront the Gwinnett County police, face-to-face, and give them a piece of my mind!!!

I also have to get our signs back... repair the Truth Truck... and then drive it all around Gwinnett County and see if those "brown shirts" will ARREST ME!!!!

I'm Out of Money!

But... the problem is... I didn't have enough money for the flight to Atlanta. I had to borrow it from a friend!

Plus, I don't have the $2,580 for Bob's bail.

What's worse, to repair the mounting hardware on the Truth Truck will cost THOUSANDS of dollars!!!

And if the police won't give us our signs back, I'll be forced to spend more money to get NEW ones made!!!

All of this means one thing...


In fact, I need you to make a generous EMERGENCY DONATION to Operation Rescue while you're online reading this.

Just click here and you'll go straight to our secure Web site where you can make an instant gift by PayPal.

Your gift will immediately be put to good use as we fight this shocking abuse of police power in Georgia!

This is a civil rights violation unlike anything else I've witnessed in my years of operating the Truth Truck!

It's clearly a case of "content-based discrimination" and censorship of the pro-life message -- by "bully" cops who've probably paid for their girlfriends' abortions!!!

But you and I need to stand up to them and show them -- in no uncertain terms -- that they're messing with the wrong people!!!

When they violate our rights, WE FIGHT BACK!!!

So please let me know that you'll stand with us as we "face down" the Gwinnett County Police Department.

Your gift of $25... $35... even $50 or $100... will truly be a heaven-sent blessing right now.

And please pray for Bob Roethlisberger -- that the charges against him are dropped, and that he's never again harassed for showing the TRUTH about abortion!

We really need you on this one...

Operation Rescue is already facing a severe financial crisis. Now this!!!

Please donate today -- through our secure Web site -- and let us know that we have your much-needed support.

Thank you, and God bless.

Pray Hard!!!

Yours for the Babies...

Troy Newman

P.S. This is the kind of thing we'd expect the PRO-ABORTS to do to the Truth Truck in the middle of the night!!! They routinely spray-paint our signs... put potatoes in our exhaust pipes... try to put stuff in our gas tank? ANYTHING to destroy the Truth Trucks and silence our message.

But we NEVER expected this kind of violation and censorship to come from the POLICE!!!

Please help us fight back against this shocking outrage. Send us your special Emergency Donation -- while you're online -- by clicking here.

Your help is needed now more than ever!!!

Thank you so much for helping us save the babies!

Because Operation Rescue is on the cutting edge of the abortion issue, we are viewed as "politically incorrect" by many government agencies. Therefore, donations to OR are not tax-deductible. However, this allows us to speak our mind without fear of reprisals from the government. And that means your donations actually go farther in terms of exposing the abortion cartel and the politicians who support the baby-killing industry.

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