Saturday, February 10, 2007

Portugal Needs Our Help

Tomorrow the people of Portugal will be voting on abortion on demand.

Click HERE to watch a three minute video from Fr. Euteneuer of Human Life International.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Physician Assisted Suicide ALERT - Hawaii

The following email is from Maui Right to Life:

A Physician-Assisted Suicide (PAS) bill has been introduced at the 2007 Legislative session. We need your help to defeat it and prevent PAS becoming law in Hawaii.

The House Health Committee is hearing a Physician-Assisted Suicide bill (HB675) at the State Capitol Auditorium THIS WEDNESDAY, February 7, at 5 PM. Sponsors of the bill call it Death with Dignity, but this is the bill that would make physician-assisted suicide LEGAL THIS YEAR in Hawaii. Please join us at this hearing. Our
numbers matter. If you are able to be there, please pick up a button from
Jackie or Kelly at the entry.


minutes to DEFEAT Physician Assisted Suicide? Your email must be sent to the Health Committee AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE THIS NOTICE, but NO LATER
THAN TUESDAY. If you will help, please go on to the next section.

***** ACTION FOR YOU TO TAKE ***************

Please make your voice heard by following steps 1 - 5.

1. Create a new EMAIL with your testimony.
2. Copy this address to the TO box of your new email.
3. Copy these 11 Health Committee addresses to the CC box of your new
email. (Note: each address is separated with a semi-colon to reach all 11 members being addressed);;;;;;;;;;

4. Copy this line to the SUBJECT box of your new email. I OPPOSE HB 675 on Physician-Assisted Suicide

5. In the e-mail you may state why you oppose. Provided below are some reasons in
a sample testimony format. You may use any or all of these points, and you
may modify them as you wish. If you want to, you may also say a little about
yourself and why the issue is personally important to you.


Please make 20 copies of this testimony regarding my OPPOSITION
to HB 675. Deliver to the House Health Committee for the hearing scheduled
Wednesday, February 7 at 5:00 PM in the Capitol Auditorium.

Dear Chair Green, Vice-Chair Mizuno, and Honorable Members of the House
Health Committee, I am opposed to Physician Assisted Suicide and HB 675.

Physician Assisted Suicide strikes hardest at the elderly, the disabled, the chronically ill, and those who are poor.

There is no way to effectively control or monitor legalized physician assisted suicide
to protect the vulnerable.

We should focus on treating pain and depression, not killing the depressed and dying.

Patients must be able to know that their physicians will always be healers and
comforters--never killers.

Thank you.



Thank you. Here is some background information on PAS
for your information, if you have a few more minutes.

Physician Assisted Suicide is so harmful, and it's such a threat to the well being of
so many people, that we want to be SURE that each and every person on our
list knows what's happening.

A warning: Physician Assisted Suicide is called 'Death with Dignity' by its promoters-- to make the practice more acceptable to the general public. The term is deceptive because it presumes that assisted suicide is dignified. Suicide activists also use terms like Compassion and Autonomy to try to win people over without actually disclosing what is at stake. Those who argue for PAS use this terminology exclusively, rather than the more descriptive and accurate Physician Assisted Suicide.

Since Oregon legalized Physician Assisted Suicide a number of reports have pointed to a decline in the quality of medical care...

A new study found that dying patients in Oregon are twice as likely to experience pain during their last week of life than they did prior to the passage of PAS. And families are less satisfied with the care their loved ones receive.

Most people requesting Physician Assisted Suicide and ultimately killing themselves say they feel they are becoming a burden or life is becoming a burden. Pain is not an issue in their decision, in spite of what advocates claimed when they campaigned to have the law passed in Oregon.

Coercion cannot be adequately assessed. Oregon law states that "coercion and undue influence on a patient to request lethal drugs" is a Class A felony. Two doctors efused a request for Physician Assisted Suicide by Kate Cheney, since it seemed to be the daughter's agenda, not the mother's. Yet a 3rd professional, a psychologist, approved Assisted Suicide even though she noted Kate's "choices may be influenced by her
family's wishes and her daughter may be somewhat coercive." What the Oregon law's advocates calls "safeguards" were easily ignored and a woman died. Coercion, both overt and subtle, is an important problem with Assisted Suicide that is ignored or discounted by pro-suicide activists. Physician Assisted Suicide has set the stage for euthanasia. Although illegal, an Oregon doctor has already killed a patient with a lethal injection. The county district attorney never criminally prosecuted this case because he felt no conviction could be obtained with the pro-assisted suicide atmosphere in Oregon. There are other indications that patients were euthanized but the Oregon law does not allow for proper oversight and review, so much important information can only be pieced together after the fact.

One doctor notes that society should fear insurance carriers and HMOs that may find it cheaper to have patients die than to pay for their medical needs. The total Medicaid costs of two Assisted Suicide deaths in Oregon was $99; $49.50 per death. Physician Assisted Suicide will drive good medical care away and substitute the
cheapest solution.

Another doctor reports on the change in attitude: "In Oregon, life in its final stages has been devalued even for those individuals who do not want assisted suicide. People with serious illnesses are sometimes fearful of the motives of doctors or consultants. Only this week, a patient with metastatic cancer contacted me. She is concerned that an oncologist might be one of the 'death doctors.' She questions his
motives. Such fears were never an issue before assisted suicide was legalized.
Oregon, the so-called 'progressive' state has, in reality, regressed 2400 years to a confused time where physicians sometimes deliberately gave deadly poisons - even hemlock - to their patients."

Thank you very much for supporting all those who would be hurt by this seriously flawed legislation.

Jackie Mishler, RN, BSN

This message is sent to you because you wished to participate. If you have questions, you can write us at Also, we will honor your request to end your involvement at any time--just let us know. We respect your privacy and will not add unconfirmed addresses to our list, nor share any information with others, including your email address.