Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Science Web Site Misleads Women Saying Abortion-Breast CanCer Link a Myth

A leading web site on science issues ran an article on Tuesday from its "junk science" reporter that misleads women by saying the abortion-breast cancer link is nonexistent. It also says there is little or no way to prevent breast cancer, despite studies showing that having children helps protect women from the disease.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Message From HRTL - We're Moving

Would you pass this message along to whoever might be interested.

Hawaii Right to Life has to move from Puck's Alley. We have been on month-to-month as they wanted a higher-paying tenant. We have to be out Oct. 26. We will be moving into a smaller office downtown.

We have so many really nice printed materials that we can't take with us. Therefore, we are offering them free to pro-life parties. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please give me a call at the office (943-1595) and make a date to come into the office. They're free!

We have a lot of materials aimed toward teens, including some abstinence materials.

Also, if you know some churches that would like materials, pass this message along.

BYOB - Bring your own boxes

Carol White
Administrative Assistant

Pro-Life Advocates Tell America: Abortion Kills Children, Hurts Women

Millions of pro-life advocates lined the streets of hundreds of communities across America on Sunday braving cold winds or heat and humidity to tell their neighbors an important message. The annual LifeChain is an opportunity to let people know that abortion kills children and hurts women.