Saturday, October 20, 2007

Urgent Appeal From Hawaii Right to Life

Hawaii Right to Life
1050 Bishop Street
Honolulu, HI 96813-4210
(808) 943-1595


Dear Fellow Donor:

This year, I have some important victories and some very serious immediate challenges to relate to you.

In 2007, Hawaii Right to Life participated in significant victories in the Cause for Life. In the Hawaii Legislature, we testified on 10 Bills, including a great victory against House Bill 675 seeking to legalize Physician Assisted Suicide; after five hours of testimony, the bill was held (stopped) in Committee. The forces supporting Physician Assisted Suicide will attempt to raise again this issue in the January Legislature.

Hawaii Right to Life supported these bills which are alive for the January session:
(a) HB731-Crimes Against a Viable Fetus (a Laci Peterson Law)
(b) HB786/SB205/SB1094/HB788-Abortion: Parental Notification/Consent Required
(c) HB787 & SB129-Prohibition of Partial-Birth Abortion.

In the fight for life, Hawaii Right to Life testified to oppose: (a)HB675/SB800/SB1995-Death with Dignity; (b) HB466/SB110-Emerg. Contraception (or Abortifacient), among other Bills. These Bills are "alive" and to be promoted again by the forces of the Culture of Death.

Ongoing activities included March for Life 2007 at the State Capitol (on OLELO TV); providing pro-life educational information to 50 schools, churches and organizations; the National Day of Prayer; messages on KLHT 1040 AM; action alerts on pro-life issues; providing pro-life information concerning Health Care Rationing, Euthanasia and Advanced Directives at the large Senior Fair "The Good Life Expo," Blasidell and public pro-life information.

Your prayers, donations, and time are the life of Hawaii Right to Life in our united battle to protect he pre-born, disabled, elderly and each of our lives. When the toughest battles for life are on the horizon, Hawaii Right to Life needs urgently your additional donations and time.

We humbly ask you to give a one-time, large, up-front emergency donation, as well as a continued monthly commitment by credit card, using the enclosed material.

We have scheduled March for Life on 22 Jan 2008 at 3:00 PM at the State Capitol. Our website has more information and a bulletin insert your church may download. We need you to respond now. We literally cannot go on without you.

In the Cause for Life,

John L. McDermott, President

Ho'Omakia'i Ke Ola Ka Pono Lehua Me ka Make
Respect for Life from Conception to Natural Death.