Monday, December 03, 2007

Congressman Hyde by Fr. Frank Pavone

Priests for Life Blog

When Congressman Henry Hyde passed away the other day, the nation lost another great leader. Those who follow the pro-life movement also know him as a key leader in the movement as well. He was not only a steady and persuasive voice for the unborn on the floor of the Congress, but one who yielded results that lasted - such as the Hyde Amendment, which has saved countless lives for decades by denying funds to the industry that would kill them.

I was with Henry Hyde on many occasions, in Washington and elsewhere. It was always an inspiration. The power of his words and actions as a force in Congress was matched by his kindness and attentiveness to all with whom he interacted.

As I travel the nation, I see each day the spiritual energy of pro-life activists. Henry Hyde’s example and consistent witness have been one of the sources of that energy.

He often spoke about the chorus of children’s voices that would greet pro-life activists on the day of their judgment. Now, his words have come to pass in his own case. “Thank you, Congressman Hyde! When so many ignored us, you spoke up for us. Welcome home.”

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