Friday, December 28, 2007

Parents Told to Abort Baby Call Disabled Son Gift

A U.K. couple told to abort the severely disabled baby growing in its mother's womb are delighted with their newborn son, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Julie Crampin, 36, and Antony Lara, 40, of Gloucester, ignored the advice of doctors who wanted the couple to terminate the pregnancy after a scan of the womb at 20 weeks revealed the baby would be severely disabled and unlikely to survive.

The boy, Marco Lara, was born with a range of serious conditions, including water on the brain, a hole in the heart and a narrowing of the outlet of the stomach.
Fox News Article

The Annual March for Life '08

March for Life 07
Aloha...January is almost here and our annual March for Life will be held at the State Capitol on Tuesday, January 22, 3-6 p.m.

We can use some volunteers to help us that day - some of the service opportunities are:

- passing around petition clipboards
- passing out our brochures to attendees
- attending our table with give-away materials
- helping pass out the posters/signs to marchers AND collecting them after the march
- order and pick up leis for speakers (simple orchid ones) Get price - we have petty cash available
- putting leis on speakers as they are introduced
- calling our speakers to remind them (the week before, the day before, the morning of the march)
-holding up the "3-2-1-pau" signs in front of the speakers so we can try to keep them on time! :>)

ALSO: if you know someone who has an electric keyboard and stand that we could borrow for the rally, would you have them call the office at 585-8205. We also need some boom mikes for vocalists.

Thanks for helping the cause.

Carol White
Adminsitrative Assistant

Hawaii Right to Life: Protecting Innocent Human Life from Conception to Natural Death