Monday, February 04, 2008

Hurry-Up Approval of Abortion Drug May Cause Further Deaths

Under pressure from pro-abortion groups, the Clinton administration rushed approval of the use of RU-486 for early abortions despite documented deaths of women in Europe.

Now, the sole manufacturer, Shanghai Hualian, a Chinese government-owned firm, is responsible for a leukemia drug that has caused paralysis in hundreds of patient. The same pharmaceutical company passed inspection in 2007. However, that was the only inspection in seven years. This problem merely adds to the controversies that have arisen with Chinese-made products being imported to the U.S. The Chinese government does not allow the unannounced inspections that are common in the U.S.

National Right to Life and the Family Research Council are calling on the FDA to investigate the manufacturer. Once again, the health and safety of women has been compromised for the sake of abortion advocacy by those who pose as pro-woman.

The full report is at in the February 4th edition.

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