Saturday, February 16, 2008

Abortion Backers Can't Ignore New York Times Story That Babies Feel Pain


Baby Cyrus

We are all still hurting over the loss of Cyrus. He has touched Oahu profoundly. Those big brown eyes are forever etched in our minds. Although it barely sooths our pain we must be comforted to know that children are innocent before God and that now Cyrus is laughing, running and playing in a wonderful place called Heaven. He has been received into Jesus’ loving arms where he will never know pain again, only love.

In order for his death to not be in vain we must embrace forgiveness. Lilo said he forgives. We must do the same. It is the key to recovery, recovery of a society gone wrong.

In order that other innocent children do not meet the same fate we must take responsibility. Lilo said ‘I take responsibility’. We too must do so. We all contributed, leading to this tragedy.

His death reminds us that truly we have come to a point in time when we need to reconsider our ways. I write to my fellow Oahu citizens in love but must firmly state some hard words to face. But they must be said if we want to bring healing to the land.

We are all guilty. As long as our laws do not protect the child even in the womb how can we expect the same life to be respected out of it? Is not Matthew a product of a generation raised to not cherish the sanctity of life? The blood of many children is on our hands-directly or indirectly. Cyrus was chosen to open our eyes to the brutalness of the death of any child. A child’s life is just as precious inside the womb as is a 23 month old toddler who is capable of loving us unconditionally. We have no right to judge anyone, not even Matthew as long as our agreed upon laws are intact that socially justifies the killing of millions of innocent babies.

My heart goes out to those who have utilized those laws; misled that it didn’t come with consequences. For every child violently taken from the womb are many victims, not just the child. I cry for those mothers and fathers, for those grandparents, for the nurses and doctors who were involved in the loss of many babies that were robbed of ever seeing their mothers loving face just once. Those babies have forgiven us; they are safe and in Heaven, waiting for the day they will hopefully and joyfully be reunited with their parents. We must be transparent before God and ask for forgiveness for letting the laws of man lead us astray. The pain is too much to bear alone. Let’s embrace each other and say I’m sorry, please forgive me and I forgive you, no matter what we’ve done. We must forgive ourselves, put the past behind and with courage face the future. Let’s restore the sanctity and appreciation of life again whether it’s the life of a 23 month old toddler or a 29 year old mother of five.

To be clear, we have no choice but to take responsibility, to change our manmade laws, for we otherwise cannot face what we, each one of us, have become.

Cyrus, the loss of your life will not be for naught for in your death you opened the eyes of thousands. May through your sacrifice many, many lives be saved from a brutal death. May we strive to join you in heaven when it is our turn to step into eternity. May we too run to the outstretched arms of Jesus whose message continues to be love one another. And I know Cyrus that is your message to us too.
With Aloha, Deborah Rachalle Sebela