Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nurse creates keepsakes for families of stillborn babies

Pastel colors cover the walls. Babies gurgle and cry. Parents coo and cradle them for the first time. Lives begin in the labor and delivery unit at Brandon Regional Hospital.

• But in a storage room down the hall, it is quiet. There are bins stuffed with bonnets and booties, plastic bottles with "Holy Water" labels, doll clothes in pale shades of pink and blue.

• This is where Laurie Van Damme goes when a baby dies. • Today the baby has a name. He is 15 ounces and 10½ inches. He died after 20 weeks in his mother's womb. Today he will wear blue. He will lie beside a blanket. He will hold a rattle in his hand.

• The beeping of Van Damme's digital camera will be the only sound in the room...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized with "Joker" Face Paint and Slogan: "Why So Serious?"

A billboard showing a baby's face and the words "Abortion: The Ultimate Child Abuse" was vandalized in the style of Batman: The Dark Knight villain the Joker.
LifeSiteNews' Article