Friday, September 19, 2008

40 Days for Life Hawaii

The following is from the director of Hawaii Right to Life
YOU can change the world in 40 days! How? By becoming personally involved in a peaceful, prayerful, public stand for life from September 24-November 2.

Join the 40 Days for Life Honolulu campaign, endorsed by Hawaii Right to Life. It's so simple, anyone can participate! 40 Days for Life is the proven, pro-life effort that brings results:

Dramatically reduce abortions right here in our community
Mobilize hundreds of new pro-life volunteers
Help post-abortive women find healing
Generate prominent pro-life news coverage
Make LIFE the most important issue in 2008!

Want to know more? View a short introductory video at 40 Days for Life Video.

Next, visit 40 Days for Life Honolulu to learn how you can get involved in this exciting effort! If you know others who may be interested, please forward this message to them as well. Be a part of something life-changing...stand with us for "40 Days for Life"!

Karen DiCostanzo
Director, Hawaii Right to Life

Protecting innocent human life from conception to natural death

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Prominent Feminist Admits "Abortion is Murder" but "I Am a Firm Supporter"

"I have always frankly admitted that abortion is murder, the extermination of the powerless by the powerful," she said...Camille Paglia
In an article focusing on newly appointed vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, prominent feminist Camille Paglia admits that, much like Gov. Palin, she also believes abortion involves the murder of an innocent life - but unlike Palin, Paglia says she is a "firm supporter" of abortion.

Paglia's piece, which appears on, is the latest indication that "utilitarian" philosophies that no longer recognize the "right to life" as being the most foundational human right are gaining ground in some liberal circles. Under these philosophies even murder can be advocated as long as it protects what is deemed to be an even more important "right" - in Paglia's case the sacrosanct "right to abortion."
LifeSiteNews Article

Diary of a Terminally Ill Woman Who Chose Euthanasia

Monday February 11 2008

5.30pm: Dad is bent over the toilet bowl with a brush in his hand and a scowl on his face. I walk up to him. "Shall I give you a hand?" Dad begins to snigger, abandoning any attempt to make sense of the situation. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our backs to Mum, who paces around the landing with a newly fitted catheter in her hand.

The catheter has been put in by nurse Marianne to enable our GP, who will be with us in half an hour, to give Mum a lethal injection. But instead of having a moment of peace with us, as Marianne suggested, Mum demands that we clean the toilets. Both upstairs and downstairs.

My brother, Maarten, is sitting on the edge of the bath, staring out of the bathroom window.

"Imagine," he mutters. "Her last hour, spent like this."

This is the Netherlands, where voluntary euthanasia is permitted, as well as physician-assisted suicide. This is the day my mother has chosen to die, and the toilets need to be spotless.
Guardian Article

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