“Help Stop the Largest Expansion of Abortion Since Roe v. Wade…”

Join the URGENT nationwide webcast event on Tuesday, December 15, at 9 PM Eastern to prevent Washington D.C. bureaucrats and abortion industry lobbyists from using GOVERNMENT FUNDS to pay for abortions and bailout the failing abortion industry!

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**BREAKING NEWS** The Senate just defeated the Nelson-Hatch amendment which would have blocked the government from paying for abortions in the health care reform bill.

Despite the fact that most Americans do NOT want our government to pay for abortion with their money, the Senate caved in to pressure from Planned Parenthood and abortion industry lobbyists.

The Senate health care bill — if passed into law — will result in aMASSIVE government-funded bailout of the abortion industry — andthe largest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade!

Simply stated, this abortion mandate must be STOPPED!

Urgent Nationwide Webcast
Tuesday, December 15

To get the latest breaking news from our nation’s capital, you are invited to participate in a LIVE webcast event on Tuesday, December 15, at 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific, 7 PM Mountain, 8 PM Central.)

The event will be approximately one hour long. If you have access to the Internet — even with a dial-up connection — you can listen to the live webcast audio and ask questions.

During this important nationwide event, you will discover:

  • The LATEST UPDATES straight from our nation’s capital…
  • The shocking implications of the bill that the abortion industry is trying to ram through the United States Senate RIGHT NOW
  • Why respected leaders, national organizations, and pro-life people are joining together in record numbers to BLOCK this attempted power-grab…
  • How YOU can make a difference at this crucial moment…
  • … And much more!

    Learn more and register for the FREE webcast here: http://stoptheabortionmandate.com/webcast/