Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The battle lines are drawn: the pro-life challenge in America today

...During last year's campaign Obama did his best to downplay the abortion issue in most of his public appearances. He was the most radically pro-abortion presidential candidate ever nominated by a major political party, but he chose not to emphasize the issue in his campaign speeches (except in an obsequious presentation to a Planned Parenthood audience). His commitment to unrestricted abortion was never questioned; it was also never discussed.

Like any successful candidate, Obama won votes by exciting the enthusiasm of those who agreed with him, without unduly rousing the fears of those who disagreed. Now from his new position in the Oval Office, he faces the challenge of meeting voters' expectations. Inevitably some voters (those who disagreed with his policies) will be frightened that he is doing too much, while others (those who agreed with him-- his core supporters) will be frustrated because in their view he is not doing enough...

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