Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Please Help to Defend Life

Abortion Victim
Please take a moment to fax or mail your senators with your words of clear objection to FOCA. Most importantly, please continue to pray for an end to abortion worldwide.

Here is a sample letter, written by a concerned patriot, which you draw from in writing your own:

I urge you to oppose the Freedom of Choice Act as it is the most radical and divisive pro-abortion bill ever introduced in Congress.

Many support abortion based on “health of the woman”. The problem with that, of course, is that with the blurring of prescriptive conditions, abortion is far too often merely performed for convenience; “choice” of the mother, and in this context is simply murder. If you believe in God, you must know that He hates this. In fact, the events that might medically be truly defined as endangering the health of the mother, are essentially non-existent. Ironically, it is the legalized procedure of intentionally terminating the life of a child in the womb that is scientifically confirmed to derail the life of the woman who has had an abortion, leaving her often with an increased likelihood of cancer, subsequent pregnancy complications, and a whole range of emotional problems, including post-traumatic stress (also referred to as post-abortive stress as it relates to this specific experience.)

So this letter is imploring you to demonstrate a conviction that transcends secular politics. The Freedom of Choice Act will force medical care providers who don't believe in abortion to assist in abortions against their conscience.

Are you pleased or does your conscience feel affirmed if and when someone forces you to violate a deeply held principle? So, as the people who will ultimately decide to vote for or against this bill, how can you thereby justify forcing someone else into an act they consider murder?

If you have any love for God, I hope that you will oppose this bill. If a person denies there is a nexus between how one governs and what one espouses privately, they are deluded. If one claims to support abortion in only rare cases, yet enacts legislation that completely strips away existing widely supported limits on abortion, they are a hypocrite. In all cases, they will answer to God for the murders they abetted. Regardless of dialectic, making others an accessory, albeit indirectly, to murder, is just wrong.

Prayer for Unborn Life:

O GOD OF LIFE AND LOVE, You have given us the gift to participate with You to bring new life into the world. But, all too often, the mother's womb, which should be a nursery of life, becomes instead a place of it's destruction.

Help us to remove this evil and ensure respect for all life made in Your image and likeness, called to fulfill its promise on this earth,
and destined to find a home with you for all eternity.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord, Our God, Our Savior, and Our ALL.

Shared by Sue of Half the Kingdom

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