Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Only a wicked, despicable monster would do this

...a Detriot abortion clinic chain operating under the painfully deceptive name WOMENCARE, INC is caught shredding abortion records, dumping bodies in the trash, and it's been documented that at least four women have died there. But in just one case, a 16 year old impregnanted by her 39 year old teacher (statutory rape any way you slice it) was taken to this clinic having been told by her mother and also the rapist that she was getting an exam. She expressly said she did not want an abortion. Her rapist apparently signed for her, she was told NOTHING about the procedure, when the vaccum was turned on and she felt excruciating pain she figured out what was going on, tried to get up and was pushed back on the table. Of course the clinic did not report the rape, they aborted the evidence, they destroyed the girls life and sent her back for several more years of sexual abuse. And all in the name of WOMENCARE.
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