Monday, March 16, 2009

Georgia State House Passes Embryo Adoption Bill to Protect Unborn Children

by Steven Ertelt, Editor
March 13, 2009

Atlanta, GA ( -- The Georgia state House, on Thursday, passed what some are considering one of the nation's first embryo adoption bill. The chamber approved HB 388, the Option of Adoption Act by a vote of 96- 66 to help offer protection for unique human beings who are stored in fertility clinics.

This bill allows for embryos that are currently in cryopreservation to have the legal right to adoption as human beings in accordance with Georgia child adoption laws. This bill also ensures that the adoption of human embryos will no longer be carried out as a form of contract or property law. HB 388 helps to clarify the rights of genetic and adoptive parents and promotes the best interest of the child.

Daniel Becker, the president of Georgia Right to Life, told, "This bill is monumental in that it establishes the adoption of embryos as children for adoption purposes. You donate property, but you adopt persons. We are excited that we are one step closer to establishing embryo adoption as law in Georgia," he continued.

Becker says that, with the creation of in vitro fertilization (IVF), 500,000 human embryos have been conceived and stored in laboratories across the United States. Read full article here.

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