Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Letter to the Editor - Stem Cell Research

For those letter writers who think family members will now have a chance of healing with embryonic stem cells, there is good news. Non-embryonic cells have already been successful in treating MS, Parkinson’s, cirrhosis of the liver, cerebral palsy, heart disease, meniscus repair, windpipe reconstruction, and many more. There are now over 70 conditions that have been treated with adult stem cells or umbilical cord blood cells including patients in Hawaii (Star-Bulletin, June 2, 2008). Scientists have now created embryo-like stem cells in the lab without killing human embryos.

President Obama has eliminated restrictions on using our taxes to fund embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) and has elevated politics over science. Given the successes of ethically derived stem cells, why would there be such a push for federal tax funds.

If ESCR had such wonderful prospects, why wouldn’t private funds from pharmaceuticals be flowing into it? There are over 2000 FDA-approved clinical trials underway with adult stem cell tissues.

ESCR is funded by lies and represents another attack on the humanity of the unborn - a necessity to justify “abortion rights.”

Carol R. White
Board Member, Hawaii Right to Life

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