Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Senate Rejects Amendment to Stop Taxpayer Funding of UNFPA-Forced Abortions

Washington, DC ( -- The Senate on Thursday rejected an amendment that would have stopped the sending of taxpayer funds to the United Nations Population Fund. That's the UN agency that has been found to have supported the Chinese population control program that relies on forced abortions and sterilizations.

The Senate voted 55-39 against the amendment, with a handful of Democrats joining most Republicans in voting pro-life for the amendment.

Most Democrats and a small group of pro-abortion Republicans voted against the amendment to cut UNFPA funding because of its backing China's anti-choice family planning program.
The vote count was similar to the Senate vote in February against restoring the Mexico City Policy. The Senate rejected that pro-life amendment on a 60-37 vote, making it clear that pro-life advocates have around 40 pro-life votes they can count on for most issues. Read the full story here.

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