Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Silent No More, 40 Days for Life Team Up to Help Women Suffering From Abortion

Washington, DC ( -- Two leading pro-life groups, 40 Days for Life and Silent No More Awareness Campaign, have teamed up to help women suffering from abortions and who regret their abortion decision. Noticing that many women who are still needing help after an abortion are noticing the 40 Days for Life outreach events, the groups are hoping to combine forces to help them.

Shawn Carney, of 40 Days, tells about the genesis of the new partnership.
"While traveling to 40 Days for Life sites across North America, I frequently hear stories of people who are drawn in by the sight of people praying in front of the abortion centers -- people who've either had abortions themselves, or people who supported others' decisions to abort," he said.

"Many of these people were in anguish for years -- but had not taken the first step to seek Christ's healing until something touched them through 40 Days for Life," he added. Read the full story here.

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