Thursday, March 05, 2009

Washington Assisted Suicide Opponents Organize Citizens, Urge Doctors to Opt Out of New Law

Olympia, WA ( -- Assisted suicide opponents are continuing their efforts to organize doctors and hospitals to resist the measure state voters approved to make the state the second to legalize the practice. The Coalition Against Assisted Suicide has been working to get medical professionals to create assisted suicide free zones.

Eileen Geller and Carrie Herring tell they are hearing from Washington citizens who want to patronize doctors and medical centers committed to refusing to be involved in assisted suicides.

To that end, they are working with medical centers and staff to gain commitments that they will not be places that will agree to a patient's request for a lethal cocktail.
They say time is of the essence and that more commitments to help and not kill patients should be put into place.

"Since this life-ending law takes effect in a few weeks -- on March 4th -- we have only a very short time in which to minimize its dangerous effects," the group says.

Although the phone at CAAS has been ringing off the hook with requests for more assisted suicide free zones, the group tells there is some confusion in the medical community.

"Unfortunately, some physicians and healthcare facilities don't know that Initiative 1000 allows them to assert their right to refrain from involvement in physician-assisted suicide," they say.
The organization is asking for citizen involvement. Read the full story here.

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