Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Act! Legislative Alert for Hawaii Senate Bill 777, SD 1, HD 1

This bill addresses comprehensive sexuality health education in Hawai'i. Catholic Charities' Try Wait and the Boys and Girls Club's Smart Moves could be defunded by this bill. The Hawai'i House amended the bill so it would not affect these programs but the Senate did not, so the bill is going into conference.

Action needed: Please call or email the Senate Conference Committee members and ask that they accept the House version of SB 777, SD 1, HD 1. (The House conferees have not yet been announced.) The Senate conferees are:

Senator David Ige 586-6230 or sendige@capitol.hawaii.gov
Senator Josh Green 586-9385 or sengreen@capitol.hawaii.gov
Senator Roslyn Baker 586-6070 or senbaker@capitol.hawaii.gov

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