Thursday, April 16, 2009

Groups Partner After Terri Schiavo Death Anniversary for Pro-Life Living Wills

Washington, DC ( -- Following the death of Terri Schiavo, the mainstream media and community groups like AARP promoted the signing of living wills. On the heels of the fourth anniversary of Terri's husband subjecting her to a painful euthanasia death, two pro-life groups are working together to promote a pro-life advanced directive.

The National Right to Life has championed the Will to Live since 1992 and now the Alliance Defense Fund, a pro-life legal group, has climbed on board to help promote it. As part of the project, thousands of attorneys allied with ADF across the country will make themselves available to provide free legal advice to assist individuals to fill out the proper will to live documents for their state of residence.

The Will to Live is a legal document anyone can sign that starts from the medical principle that patients desire to live and don't want lifesaving medical treatment, or basic food and water -- as in Terri's case -- denied to them. Jennifer Popik, an NRLC attorney, explains the benefit of the Will to Live compared with other traditional documents.

"There is a growing danger that you may be denied necessary medical treatment or even starved or dehydrated should you become unable to speak for yourself," she explains. "If you have or have thought about filling out other living will documents, it is important to be aware of the danger that they are often insufficiently protective." Full story at

Hawaii residents: You and your loved ones can avoid the painful, involuntary euthanasia Terri Schiavo suffered. Complete a pro-life advanced directive, not the "living will" forms offered by most groups. To get your pro-life Hawaii Will to Live form, contact Hawaii Right to Life at 585-8205 or

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