Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Support the Pro-Life Video Contest Today!

The SBA List is pleased to announce the launch of our 1st Pro-Life Video Contest!

Many of you have probably already seen the YouTube sensation of a precocious 12-year old girl giving a speech against abortion. This speech has quickly been forwarded from inbox to inbox as many have been struck by this young lady’s inspirational defense of the unborn. Her speech was even responsible for convincing some real women to choose Life!

I have the great pleasure of introducing this young lady to you: Lia Mills is an everyday 7th grader who decided to give a speech on abortion for a competition. Despite initial resistance from her teachers and the competition organizers she was allowed to give her speech on abortion. She won her classroom and school competitions, but lost in the regionals.

Lia’s mom decided to videotape Lia reciting her speech for friends and family to see, but within a few weeks hundreds of thousands of people had seen the video. Last month we honored Lia with our Susan B. Anthony Young Leader Award. Now she is joining us to find the next up-and-coming generation of pro-life leaders.

Lia’s Challenge is our new pro-life video contest for youth. We’re asking young people across the country to post their own pro-life videos just like Lia’s on YouTube. There will be two winners, and each will receive a $1000 scholarship.

Please spread the word about the contest to your friends, family, neighbors, schools and fellow church members. I also hope you would consider contributing toward the scholarships for our winners.

The Susan B. Anthony List is committed to doing all we can to encourage the next generation of leaders to defend women and the innocent unborn.

It is vitally important that these young people have the support and the tools to use all the resources at our disposal to advance the cause of Life. The Pro-Life Video Contest will encourage young people to use their minds, hearts, and talents to advance the culture of Life.

Please help us to support future leaders who wish to raise their voices in support of Life. Please donate to the Pro-Life Video Contest Today!

With our support and cultivation we can build a new generation of pro-lifers equipped with the skills to spread the good news of Life on the internet and beyond!

For Life,

Marjorie Dannenfelser
Susan B. Anthony List President
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