Monday, May 04, 2009

Action Alert: Oppose Embryonic Stem Cell Research Funding

On March 9, 2009 President Barack Obama issued an executive order that opened the floodgates for funding embryonic stem cell research (ESCR), establishing an incentive to create and destroy human beings at an early stage of development. President Obama directed the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to draft guidelines for distributing funds for this research.

On April 23, NIH officially posted draft guidelines to open federal funding for research on human embryonic stem cells. These guidelines send your tax dollars to experiment on stem cells taken from human embryos that supposedly are "leftover" from in vitro fertilization (IVF). Instead of promoting the adoption of these human embryos, these draft guidelines would require their deaths.

As announced in the April 23 Federal Register Notice, the public comment period on these draft regulations is 30 days, and we ask that you submit comments to oppose these regulations on or before May 26, 2009. To submit your comment, please go to this website and fill out the form with your comment.

Here are examples of points you may wish to make in your comment:

  • I oppose killing human embryos. The proposed regulations will force taxpayers like me to fund research I believe is unethical because it requires the destruction of human embryos.
  • Expanding funding to new human embryonic stem cell lines will divert federal funds away from promising research in which people are currently being treated with adult stem cells. These regulations divert funds away from other, ethical sources of embryonic-like stem cells that have been generated without resulting in the deaths of any human embryos.
  • The proposed regulations create a financial incentive for the creation of more human embryos to be destroyed to obtain their embryonic stem cells.
  • The guidelines do not require any separation between an IVF doctor and an ESCR researcher. The guidelines say they "should" be separate, but only when practicable. The guidelines allow any IVF doctor to create more embryos than are needed for fertility purposes in order to generate more so-called "leftover" embryos for ESCR research using taxpayer funds. This is reprehensible.
  • Instead of preventing any future expansion of funding for ESCR on unethical experiments involving human clones and human-animal hybrids, these regulations open the door for such funding whenever NIH wants in the future.
  • The guidelines do not require full informed consent by the parents of the human embryos regarding their options for their human embryos to be adopted by other infertile couples in lieu of their offspring being destroyed for research.

Additional information about the ethical and medical aspects of human stem cell research is available here.

Please share this alert with others who are willing to take action to prevent the creation and destruction of human embryos for research purposes. Thank you!

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