Saturday, May 30, 2009

Local Baby Greets the World with a Shaka!

Friends of Hawaii Right to Life, Andrew and Katy Smith, are expecting their second child. When Katy went for her first 4D ultrasound on May 17, 2009, the Smiths saw something unexpected: their baby greeting the world local-style, with a "shaka"!

In sharing the sonogram photo with HRTL, Katy said, "We loved the picture and sure did get a kick out ot it!" All of us at HRTL did as well, and thought our friends would, too.

Katy is a Staff Sargeant in the U. S. Air Force on active duty, working with Camp Smith, PACOM. Andrew is native to Hawai'i and serves in the Hawaii Air National Guard. Their first child, De'Shawn, is a four-year-old boy.

Regarding her belief in the value of unborn human life, Katy explained that she was adopted by a wonderful, loving family when she was a baby. About her adoptive family, Katy says they are her "one and only" family. However, last year she decided to conduct an extensive search for her birth family "to find out where her red hair and freckles came from."

After a lot of searching, Katy located her birth family, and they have since reunited. Katy remarked that she is having a wonderful time getting to know her extended family, and that having her own children serves as a reminder of the selfless decision her birth mother made in placing her with a loving, adoptive family.

Congratulations to the Smith family--we wish you the best and thank you for letting us see Baby Smith's shaka greeting!

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