Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pro-life Song by 11 Year old Girl

Original song written by 11-year-old E. MacDonald.

On that day, when the angel came to Mary
Heaven rejoiced,
"You're to have a child,
You're to help Him through trials
And God will put His life right in your hands."

On that day when Jesus was born into a stable
God shared His light, He made birth a gift, This baby brought life
Through Christ He turned the darkness into light.

You were there, You were there
You were watching over them
As You sat on Your throne,
You sent Christ so we're not alone.

On that day, when my mama's mom tried to abort her,
God was there, Through His grace she was spared, She found those who would care,
His gift of love is why I am alive.

You were there, You were there,
You were watching over us.
By Your grace we were born,
And my daddy's not alone.

On that day, when abortion became legal,
All heaven cried
'Cause a baby's a gift, And killing's not right
And though they die they have eternal life.

You are there, You are there
The uncared for are cared for now,
As You sit on Your throne,
You will hold the child alone.

When life's hopeless and we can't bear,
We know that you're always there, Watching over us.
Through abortion they cannot share
The gift of life, the gift of love
That comes from God alone.
It's just unthinkable, incomprehensible, That such a mistake would be made,
As to take the life of an unborn child,
A gift of God's own grace.

You are there, You are there
You are watching over us.
Lord we pray, give us strength,
Help us know we're not alone
You are there, always there
Help us feel Your presence, Lord.
Give us faith to choose life,
And help us know we're not alone...

...You are there

Copyright © 2009. E. MacDonald. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission.

Thanks to Dave MacDonald for sharing this video with us.

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Leslie said...


May our Good Lord, bless and multiply the
fruits of this precious child's labors.

Thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...

Beautiful song.