Sunday, July 12, 2009

Alert: Act Now to Stop Abortion in Congress' Healthcare Plans

Washington, DC ( -- A top pro-life group is calling for pro-life advocates to contact their members of the House and Senate and urge that abortion specifically be excluded from any health care plan it approves.

The National Right to Life Committee says three bills advancing in Congress pose a threat to cover abortions or force funding of them with taxpayer funds unless Congress adopts language saying abortion coverage is now allowed. So far, two massive health care bills have been unveiled, one in the Senate and one in the House. The full House is expected to vote on its version of the bill at the end of July. Senate floor action could occur shortly thereafter.

"These two bills pose one of the greatest threats to pro-life policies since the Supreme Court handed down its Roe v. Wade ruling legalizing abortion in 1973," Douglas Johnson, legislative director for Right to Life, told on Wednesday.

"These bills contain multiple provisions that would result in federally mandated insurance coverage of abortion on demand, with massive federal subsidies, as well as mandated creation of many new abortion clinics and the nullification of at least some state limitations on abortion." Johnson added, "The pro-abortion movement sees federal 'health care reform' legislation as a golden opportunity to force-feed abortion into every nook and cranny of the health-care delivery system. Their goal, as they sometimes put it, is to 'mainstream' abortion. If Obama and his allies succeed, the result will be a very large increase in the number of abortions performed in America."

Take action now! Click here to email a message prepared by the National Right to Life Committe. Or, you may draft your own message by going to and and asking your election officials to specifically exclude abortion from any health care bill. You may also contact any senator at 202-224-3121 and any House member at 202-225-3121.

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