Monday, August 31, 2009

Families for Waiting Keiki

Hundreds of children in the State of Hawaii are in need of forever families. Maybe YOU are being called to adopt one of these precious ones. Click Here to Download the FWK Brochure.

Currently, in Hawaii, there are children and teenagers whose only permanent parent is the state of Hawaii. These children are modern-day orphans living among us. Their birthparents’ rights had to be terminated so they could have an opportunity for safety, security and happiness throughout their lives.

Unfortunately, while these children are now safe, they don’t yet have the security and happiness they deserve because they have no adoptive families to call their own. Many live in multiple temporary foster homes and are at risk of moving into adulthood with no forever family. Many are older and desire to be part of a family, but most people don’t know of their desperate need. Learn more.

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