Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let Your Voice Be Heard at Town Hall Meetings

Healthcare reform legislation is the subject of intense debate, and rightly so. If passed, it will be the largest entitlement program enacted in decades with major financial, moral, and ethical implications. Of concern to all pro-life Americans should be the fact that the bill currently under consideration, HR 3200, contains an abortion mandate that represents one of the greatest threats to human life since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision imposed abortion on the entire United States.

Additionally, HR 3200 contains provisions that could move our country toward euthanasia by requiring "end-of-life" counseling at least once every five years. Far from being a simple conversation about living wills between patients and doctors, as some have described it, the language in the bill could result in government panels coercing healthcare providers to persuade their elderly patients to agree to withhold such basic care as food and fluids, hastening death.

Countries that already have government-run healthcare systems, like Great Britain, have rules in place that require care be withheld when patients are deemed too old, too sick, or too disabled to "waste" healthcare resources. These individuals are considered a burden on society, and some have stated publicly that they have "a duty to die." We need to avoid making these mistakes in our own healthcare reform process while there's still time.

Although many believe that healthcare reform of some kind is needed, it is critically important that our lawmakers hear from us right now that we cannot accept the HR 3200 as it is written.

Congressman Neil Abercrombie is having town hall meetings to allow Hawaii residents to discuss healthcare reform. Please take the time to attend a meeting and let your voice be heard. You can be sure that abortion and euthanasia advocates will be present to counter any critics in attendance. Mr. Abercrombie needs to hear from pro-lifers loud and clear, or he will go back to Washington, D.C. justified in saying that Hawai'i is in favor of HR 3200, abortion mandate included.

Abortion is not healthcare, and now is the time to speak up. Please attend one of the following meetings on August 18 and 20 to voice your opposition to HR 3200 as currently written. When you attend, be assertive but courteous in getting your point across.

The full text of HR 3200, the Health Care Act of 2009, is available here.

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