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New York Times Shows Photos of Aborted Babies on Its Webpage

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October 13, 2009

Part One of Two

By Dave Andrusko

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"This slide show includes images that are very graphic."
-- From "Behind the Scenes: Picturing Fetal Remains," by Damien Cave, which appeared on the New York Times website last Saturday.

To say that I was stunned last weekend when the New York Times ran (by Establishment Media standards) an even-handed portrait of pro-life protestors would hardly do justice to my amazement. That the Times proceeded to carry a second story, a kind of hybrid photo essay, in its "Lens: Photography, Video and Visual Journalism" section found on the Times' web page, set my jaw to dropping.

The two came together when Cave, as part of his story on pro-life protestors, attended the memorial service for James Pouillon, a veteran pro-lifer who was shot and killed as he sat outside an abortion clinic in Owosso, Michigan. Cave tells us "Mr. Pouillon was holding an anti-abortion sign at the time, with a baby on one side and an abortion on the other."

He explains, "I often wondered about the source of these images. Who took the pictures? Where did the fetuses come from?" Cave then tells us, "At his memorial service, I met Monica Migliorino Miller, who told me she had a lot to share about the use of abortion imagery."

The history of her involvement, and her evolving views on how best these photos might be used, can be found on the Times's web page. Cave's fascinating interview with the woman whose photographs of aborted babies have appeared all over the country "since the mid-1990s," and the four photos of aborted babies can be found at

What is amazing for pro-lifers, of course, is that the topic was discussed at all and, even more breath-taking, that the Times would have the gumption to show photos of aborted babies on its website. Read more.

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