Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Perspective: Abortion and healthcare (OneNewsNow.com)

Star Parker - Syndicated Columnist - 11/16/2009 8:15:00 AMBookmark and Share

Star ParkerContrary to a popular fallacy that science and religion are at odds with each other, it's quite the opposite.

Science and religion are the best of friends. And like good friends, they complement each other and produce beautiful music together.

Take the recent incident of the young woman in Bryan, Texas -- the director of the Planned Parenthood abortion mill down there -- who had a change of heart and quit her job when she saw, for the first time, an unborn child on an ultrasound screen.

As Abby Johnson related her story to Bill O'Reilly, "....what I saw on the screen was a 13-week baby fighting for its life."

She walked out the door, went down the road and joined a local pro-life organization. (
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The discoveries and technologies that we gain from science make us more aware, confirm and help us understand even more clearly the truths that our religion and faith teach us. As result, like Abby Johnson, we become more responsible.
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