Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Obama Education Czar + Planned Parenthood Sex Education = High Teen Pregnancy Rate

By Rita Diller

Note: Rita Diller is the national director of STOPP at American Life League. STOPP is devoted to fighting the anti-life, anti-family agenda of Planned Parenthood.

(LifeSiteNews.com) December 1, 2009 (http://www.all.org/) How many times and how many ways can Planned Parenthood say that it is reducing teen pregnancy with its horrifyingly graphic, immoral sex education, when evidence shows quite the contrary to be true?

With Planned Parenthood's own Guttmacher Institute conducting all of the studies on the efficacy of its programs, and Planned Parenthood supervising its own programs in schools, it sometimes appears our teens are doomed to never-ending abuse by the abortion-mongering, sex-hawking organization that exists to "liberate" our society from sexual mores and kill any preborn babies that may get in the way of its push toward "sexual rights" for all, including children.

One case in point is Robeson High School in Chicago. The school made headlines recently because of a revelation that one in seven of its female students is pregnant.

Some media outlets jumped on the opportunity to blame the high pregnancy rate on the fact that the parents are not doing enough at home and that the school is encouraging pregnancy by helping pregnant teens continue with their education.

No mention was made of the fact that Planned Parenthood has been a highly paid consultant with the Chicago public school system for years. Read more.

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