Friday, December 11, 2009

Pastor Rick Warren: Obama's Plan to Make Abortion "Legal" and "Rare" Contradictory

By Peter J. Smith

LOS ANGELES, December 10, 2009 ( - Prominent evangelical Pastor Rick Warren and author of the immensely popular book, "Purpose Driven Life," says that he prays for President Barack Obama as he addresses the nation's economic crisis and health-care reform. However, he says the president's position on keeping abortion "rare" actually depends on the contradictory premise that all life begins at conception.

Warren made his comments during a Nov. 29 appearance on Meet the Press, saying that 36 years of legal abortion since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision has created a real "holocaust."

"We've had 46 million Americans who aren't here. Those who could be here since Roe v. Wade, who are not voting," said Warren. "I think that innocence is a holocaust."

Warren said that it is true that Americans need "to get beyond the name calling and find common ground." However, he said he did not comprehend how such "common ground" could be achieved by keeping abortion unrestricted and at the same time engaging in efforts to make it "rare and less."

"Well, either you believe it's life or you don't," said Warren. "Why would you believe it should be rare?"

"If a baby, a fetus is not a life, then why restrict it?" queried Warren rhetorically. Full article.

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