Friday, February 20, 2009

Pastor Gets 30 Days In Jail for Speaking to Woman at California Abortion Clinic, Fined $1,130

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CNN rejects "Imagine" ad

In rejecting the' "Imagine" ad, which has a positive message about the potential of each human life, CNN is not only engaging in viewpoint discrimination but worse, is being hypocritical. The ad shows an ultrasound of a baby, briefly chronicles the struggles of that child, and shows the ultimate triumph as he becomes president of the United States...Barack Obama.

CNN was happy to run an ad from NARAL attacking Chief Justice John Roberts and had no problem doing so, stating, "CNN accepts advocacy advertising from responsible groups from across the political spectrum who wish to express their views and their opinions about issues of public importance, so the viewers can further research claims made within the ads."

The same standard should be applied to the Fidelis "Imagine" ad allowing it to be aired. So much for tolerance, balance, or fairness "across the political spectrum". For shame, CNN!

40 Days for Life endorses the Maryland March for Life

Husband still caring for his unconscious wife 14 years later

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hawaii won't consider assisted suicide

The Hawaii Legislature will not take up a proposal to allow assisted suicides in the state.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Virginia House Approves Fetal Pain Abortion Bill, Pro-Life Budget Amendments

The Virginia state House has approved a bill to tell women of the pain a baby feels during a later-term abortion. The idea behind the bill is to help persuade women of the humanity of the unborn child and at least provide the baby with anesthesia if she plans to continue with the abortion.
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Only a wicked, despicable monster would do this

...a Detriot abortion clinic chain operating under the painfully deceptive name WOMENCARE, INC is caught shredding abortion records, dumping bodies in the trash, and it's been documented that at least four women have died there. But in just one case, a 16 year old impregnanted by her 39 year old teacher (statutory rape any way you slice it) was taken to this clinic having been told by her mother and also the rapist that she was getting an exam. She expressly said she did not want an abortion. Her rapist apparently signed for her, she was told NOTHING about the procedure, when the vaccum was turned on and she felt excruciating pain she figured out what was going on, tried to get up and was pushed back on the table. Of course the clinic did not report the rape, they aborted the evidence, they destroyed the girls life and sent her back for several more years of sexual abuse. And all in the name of WOMENCARE.
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Nine Pro-life Youth Jailed in Birmingham Following Arrests on Public Sidewalk

This afternoon, the group of pro-life youth activists quietly held signs, distributed literature and peacefully dialogued with students on the public sidewalk. After being threatened with arrest if they did not leave the area, the group contacted their attorney, who then assured them that their location on the public sidewalk and their free speech activity was legal according to local and state laws. After the Campus Life Tour team members finished handing out literature to passing students and were in the process of loading their van to leave the school area, the police then handcuffed and arrested all nine Survivors without warning. One of the team members who did not assist in the distribution of literature was also arrested and handcuffed so tightly that it caused her to cry in pain.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Young mother tells the story behind baby born alive and left to die at Florida clinic

In an exclusive interview with Florida Catholic, Sycloria Williams, the 18-year-old mother of the baby left to die after a botched abortion in a Miami clinic, told the real story behind the ordeal that recently attracted national headlines.

Monday, February 16, 2009

'12 States' Consider Murdering Babies After Ultrasound Pictures Are Taken

Abortion clinics would be required to let women see a free sonogram of their fetus under legislation pending before Kansas lawmakers.

A Lesson on Abortion by a 12 Year old

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Red Envelope Project Campaign Founder Surprised by Huge Pro-Life Response

Red Envelope
"Three weeks ago I was doing my usual routine of prayer, Bible study, and quietly listening to God. Usually I begin the day with 'Lord, what’s on your agenda today?'" he explained.

"That day, my mind wandered a little, and I imagined hundreds of red envelopes in the mail room of the White House. On the back, a simple message stating that each envelope represented an innocent life lost. I took that idea, and sent it in an email to my 120 ministry supporters. They in turn, sent it to their friends," Otto added.

The Red Envelope Project

This is a quiet, but powerful, movement a number of people are participating in to make an impact on the White House regarding the importance of human life.

It is very quick and easy to do and will prayerfully make an impact. I wanted to get it out now since red envelopes will be available in abundance this weekend!

In keeping with the powerful image of the red LIFE tape, an empty red envelope will send a message to Barack Obama that there is moral outrage in this country over the issue of abortion. It will be quiet, but clear.

Here is what to do: Get a red envelope. You can buy them at Kinkos or at party supply stores. Or, if you're sending a valentine card that came with a red envelope, put the card in a white envelope and use the red one for this project.

On the front, address it to:

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D.C.

On the back, write the following message:

This envelope represents one child who died in abortion.
It is empty because that life was unable to offer anything to the
world. Responsibility begins with conception.

Put it in the mail and send it. (Some have set the date of March 31.) Then forward this email to every one of your friends who you think would send one too. I wish we could send 50 million red envelopes, one for every child who died before having a a chance to live. Maybe it will change the heart of the President.

The Red Envelope Project

Pro-life pastor found guilty of violating Oakland’s abortion clinic ‘bubble law

The Rev. Walter Hoye, a pro-life Baptist pastor from Berkeley, faces up to two years in jail and $4000 in fines following his conviction on two counts of “unlawful approach” in violation of Oakland’s restrictive new ‘bubble law.’ His attorneys say they plan to appeal.

Letter to the Editor - Abstinence Funding

The following letter to the editor was recently published in the Honolulu Star Bulletin:
Letters to the Editor
For Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Abstinence-only needs more consideration

Our Legislature is hearing bills to defund the optional abstinence-only programs offered in schools. These would-be censors offered testimony packed with misinformation.

For example, an oft-cited Johns Hopkins report compared abstinence pledgers to nonpledgers. The researcher neglected to mention that the pledge-takers abstained from sex four years longer than the control group: age 21 versus 17 for nonpledgers.

Dr. Stan Weed, a leading researcher on youth behavior, examined more than 100 different abstinence programs, collecting data from nearly 500,000 adolescents and interviewing more than 2,000 teens. He testified before the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform that abstinence education can cut in half the rates of teen sexual activity, and that abstinence education classes do not deter sexually active teens from using condoms. His conclusion: "When measured using comparable criteria, comprehensive sexuality education strategies (risk reduction) show little evidence for success at achieving the crucial outcomes of consistent condom use, reduced pregnancy, and STD rates."

The Department of Health testified that abstinence-only audiences have access to other state-funded programs for comprehensive sex education. Why are these bills being pushed?

Carol R. White
Board member
Hawaii Right to Life