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‘ Illinois FOCA’ Up for Vote in Illinois


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‘ Illinois FOCA’ Up for Vote in Illinois

Pro-Life Action League Rallies Grassroots Opposition

( Chicago , Ill. ) – Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League is calling on both sides of the abortion debate to oppose a bill that passed the Illinois House of Representatives Human Services Committee on March 11. PLAL views the bill, HB-2354, or the Reproductive Health and Access Act, as Illinois’ version of the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA).

“This ‘Illinois FOCA’ would overturn the modest restrictions on abortion in our state that the vast majority of Illinoisans support, like the Parental Notification Act of 1995. Even the state ban on partial-birth abortion -- a practice nearly everyone abhors -- would be overturned by HB-2354,” said Eric Scheidler, PLAL communications director.

Scheidler and PLAL are collaborating with key pro-life leaders across the state to make a coordinated plan to stop HB-2354 when it moves on to the full Illinois House.

PLAL says the bill, introduced by Representatives Barbara Flynn Currie (D-Chicago) and Rosemary Mulligan (R-Des Plaines) would:

· Kill all restrictions on abortion in the state, including parental notification and the partial birth abortion ban.

· Force pro-life health care professionals to cooperate in abortion by making abortion referrals.

· Mandate so-called "comprehensive" sex-ed programs, which promote promiscuity and undermine the family, for all public schools.

· Require taxpayers to fund abortions through Medicaid.

· Keep abortion 100 percent legal in Illinois if Roe v. Wade is ever overturned in the Supreme Court.

“Even pro-choice Illinoisans will recognize how radical HB-2354 really is. Illinois has already become the abortion capital of the Midwest ,” said Scheidler. “The last thing we need is an expansion of the abortion license in our state.”

Illinois residents who oppose the bill should call their state representatives and tell them to vote “no” on HB-2354.

Additional resources:

Full text of HB-2354 (RHAA) (

About the Pro-Life Action League: (

About Pro-Life Action League

Pro-Life Action League was founded by Joseph M. Scheidler in 1980 with the aim of saving unborn children through non-violent direct action. Through prayer vigils outside abortion facilities and sidewalk counseling, the League reaches out to abortion-bound women and couples with abortion alternatives, confidential counseling and access to pregnancy resources.

Since July 2007, the League has been at the center of the controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood’s flagship abortion facility in Aurora , Ill. , dubbed, “Ground Zero” of the abortion battle by abortion supporters and opponents alike. The League has closed eight abortion clinics in Chicago alone and nearly a hundred across the country.

The Pro-Life Action League is a nonprofit organization, supported solely by private donations. For more information, visit Pro-life Action.

College Buckles Under Public Pressure, Lifts Campus Ban On Pro-Life Students Who Videotaped Planned Parenthood Event

Pomona College banned two pro-life students from campus last week after they videotaped the question-and-answer session during a Planned Parenthood representative's talk and asked the representative tough questions about recent Planned Parenthood scandals.

However, Pomona rescinded its ban this week after facing strong opposition from students, faculty, and alumni. The pro-life students, David Daleiden, 20, and Kyle Kinneberg, 21, are members of the youth-led right-to-life advocacy group Live Action...
.LifeSiteNews Article

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Tiller Abortion Patient Transported to Hospital, No Lights, No Sirens

From Operation Rescue
Wichita, KS – Just four days before jury selection begins in late-term abortionist George R. Tiller’s criminal trial, a woman was transported to the emergency room by ambulance from Tiller’s abortion clinic, Women’s Health Care Services.

Sedgwick County ambulance number 23 left Tiller’s clinic at approximately 2:15 PM Central Daylight Time and transported a woman to Wesley Medical Center with no lights or sirens running. The patient was rushed into the emergency room with her head covered, leaving witnesses to wonder if she was alive or dead.

Tiller followed the ambulance to Wesley Medical Center and was dropped off by unlicensed “nurse” Cathy Reavis at an entrance on the east side of the building, out of sight from Operation Rescue staffers who were photographing the incident near the Emergency Room entrance.

“Tiller’s abortion clinic operates outside the bounds of the law and moral decency,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who was on the scene at the hospital when the injured woman came in. “How many women must suffer life-threatening injuries or even death until he is jailed and his dangerous abortion business is shut down?”

Operation Rescue renews its plea that Tiller’s abortion clinic be closed down on an emergency basis in the interest of public safety.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

U.S. Bishops "Gravely Concerned" about Conscience Protection Review

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is “gravely concerned” about the Obama administration’s move to rescind conscience protection regulations which help pro-life health care providers.

The regulations, implemented in the final months of the George W. Bush presidency, made explicit the existing legal protections for medical workers and institutions which object to cooperating in abortions.
EWTN Prolife Resources Article

Bishop: "President Obama is forcing all American taxpayers to pay for this homicidal research"

The Bishop of Phoenix in Arizona has written a straight-talking column responding to President Barack Obama's executive order providing federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

"This means that American taxpayers will now be paying for the killing of human beings at a very early stage in their lives (as embryos), so that scientific research can make use of them for experiments that may or may not yield positive results," writes Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted in his diocesan newspaper, the Catholic Sun...
LifeSiteNews Article

Press Release from the Catholic Medical Association

John F. Brehany, Ph.D., S.T.L.
Executive Director and Ethicist
Catholic Medical Association

CONTACT: John Brehany, Ph.D., S.T.L. March 10, 2009
Executive Director & Ethicist Catholic Medical Association 215-877-9099;

CMA Protests Obama Executive Order Funding Life-Destroying Embryonic Stem Cell Research DATELINE March 10, 2009

– The Catholic Medical Association (CMA) protests President Obama’s March 9, 2009, executive order providing taxpayer funding for research that destroys the lives of human embryos. This decision demonstrates a disregard for human life, for the beliefs of millions of Americans, and for the lives and health of those suffering from devastating diseases and injuries.

CMA President Louis C. Breschi, M.D., stated, “It is very unfortunate that, at a time when ethical options are showing greater promise than ever, and when the nation’s economy is suffering, President Obama would direct more taxpayer dollars into scientific research that is unethical, ineffective, unworkable, and unnecessary.”

John F. Brehany, Ph.D., CMA’s executive director, explained further: “President Obama’s radical new policy is unethical because human beings—at the embryonic stage of life—are being destroyed in the name of curing disease. It is ineffective because human embryonic stem cell research has no demonstrated success in treating diseases, despite receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in federal, state, and private funding. Basing therapies on human embryonic stem cells is unworkable because it will require obtaining human eggs from thousands of women—a painful, dangerous, and expensive process. And finally, destroying human embryos is unnecessary. Not only have adult stem cell (ASC) therapies demonstrated real-life success in treating dozens of diseases, but new induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) techniques have created cells with all the properties of embryonic stem cells—without destroying human lives to obtain them.”

President Obama’s action belies the language of consensus, high ideals, and scientific objectivity in which it is wrapped. For, at the same he overturned the executive order limiting federal funding to those embryonic stem cell lines created before August 9, 2001, President Obama also revoked, without comment, a June 20, 2007, executive order (no. 13435) encouraging the National Institutes of Health to promote research into clinically effective alternative sources of stem cell lines—sources that do not depend on destroying human life.

Finally, while President Obama claimed that he would reject “cloning for human reproduction,” he failed to acknowledge that he actually supports human cloning—for therapy and research. His policy provides taxpayer funding for a new industry dedicated to creating and destroying human lives in labs. The Catholic Medical Association is the nation’s largest professional organization of Catholic physicians. To learn more about the CMA and its publications, go to CMA.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Silent No More, 40 Days for Life Team Up to Help Women Suffering From Abortion

Washington, DC ( -- Two leading pro-life groups, 40 Days for Life and Silent No More Awareness Campaign, have teamed up to help women suffering from abortions and who regret their abortion decision. Noticing that many women who are still needing help after an abortion are noticing the 40 Days for Life outreach events, the groups are hoping to combine forces to help them.

Shawn Carney, of 40 Days, tells about the genesis of the new partnership.
"While traveling to 40 Days for Life sites across North America, I frequently hear stories of people who are drawn in by the sight of people praying in front of the abortion centers -- people who've either had abortions themselves, or people who supported others' decisions to abort," he said.

"Many of these people were in anguish for years -- but had not taken the first step to seek Christ's healing until something touched them through 40 Days for Life," he added. Read the full story here.

Planned Parenthood Ups Number of Abortion Centers, Sells More Abortion Drugs

Washington, DC ( -- A new report indicates that Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion business, has increased the number of centers that do abortions. The report indicates Planned Parenthood is increasingly relying on the dangerous mifepristone (RU 486) abortion drug.

The leading pro-abortion group has been consolidating its abortion and family planning centers and local affiliates to cut costs in the midst of a troubled economy and the new numbers reflect that.

At the end of 2008, the total number of Planned Parenthood centers dropped from 855 in 2007 to 844 last year. The number of local affiliates of the Planned Parenthood federation decreased from 108 to 99.

While Planned Parenthood cuts its total number of centers providing non-abortion services, the number of abortion facilities is in the rise. It jumped to 295 last year from 287 the year prior.
Though Planned Parenthood is working hard to change its image from an abortion business to a women's health care outlet, the numbers make it clear that more of its resources are going into doing abortions.

The numbers also show that the abortion business is putting more of its weight behind using the dangerous abortion drug that has killed more than a dozen women worldwide and injured more than 1,200 in the United States alone.

While the number of surgical abortion centers it runs dropped from 179 to 174 during the last year, the number of places with the mifepristone abortion drug rose from 108 to 121. Read the full story here.

Senate Rejects Amendment to Stop Taxpayer Funding of UNFPA-Forced Abortions

Washington, DC ( -- The Senate on Thursday rejected an amendment that would have stopped the sending of taxpayer funds to the United Nations Population Fund. That's the UN agency that has been found to have supported the Chinese population control program that relies on forced abortions and sterilizations.

The Senate voted 55-39 against the amendment, with a handful of Democrats joining most Republicans in voting pro-life for the amendment.

Most Democrats and a small group of pro-abortion Republicans voted against the amendment to cut UNFPA funding because of its backing China's anti-choice family planning program.
The vote count was similar to the Senate vote in February against restoring the Mexico City Policy. The Senate rejected that pro-life amendment on a 60-37 vote, making it clear that pro-life advocates have around 40 pro-life votes they can count on for most issues. Read the full story here.

Abortion Practitioner Faces Trial for Killing Woman in Botched Abortion

Hyannis, MA ( -- Abortion practitioner Rapin Osathanondh, who has been charged with manslaughter after killing one of his patients in a botched legal abortion, will face trial in September. Osathanondh did the abortion on 22-year-old Laura Smith, who died in September 2007 at his Women's Health Center abortion business.

Osathanondh was indicted last July by a grand jury after an investigation by local police, state police and the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine. Read the full story here.

Action alert: Healthcare conscience rule to be removed - send emails now!

Dear Friends of Hawaii Right to Life,

The Department of Health and Human Services, under the guidance of the new Obama Administration, is preparing to rescind the "conscience rule" that protects healthcare workers who refuse to participate in abortions or other medical procedures that go against their moral and religious beliefs. If the rule is repealed, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers could lose their jobs or be punished professionally for adhering to their sincerely held religious convictions. This proposal tramples our religious freedoms and shows a blatant disregard for the sanctity of human life.

The conscience rule allows federal health officials to cut off federal funding for any state or local government, hospital, clinic, health plan, doctor's office, or other entity that does not accommodate employees who exercise their right of conscience. It currently applies to more than 584,000 health care facilities. By removing the rule, the Obama Administration is doing the bidding of pro-abortion advocacy groups who seek to penalize healthcare providers who refuse to participate in abortions.

This proposal is subject to 30 days of public comment, and pro-abortion advocates are already weighing in. That's why it is critically important for you contact the Department of Health and Human Services today. You can send comments to asking that the existing regulations be maintained, but you must send your email within the next 30 days.

Comments should mention any of the following: 1) cases where medical professionals have been pressured into participating in an abortion, 2) refutations of abortion advocates' claims that protecting doctors will hurt access to health care, 3) whether the current protections are a good idea, and 4) whether the conscience rule could be implemented any other way.

In preparing your comments, talking points are available from the Christian Medical and Dental Association here: You can also read a article about the proposed rule repeal here:

Thanks for taking could save many lives!

Karen DiCostanzo
Hawaii Right to Life
Respect for life from conception to natural death

Radical Pro-Abortion FOCA Bill Coming Soon, Pro-Life Advocates Must Prepare

Washington, DC ( -- Leading pro-life advocates have been criticized by the mainstream media for organizing an active opposition to the radical Freedom of Choice Act because the bill has yet to be filed in Congress. However, a leading pro-abortion Congressman calls FOCA a top priority and says the bill is coming soon.

A spokesman for Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a New York Democrat who is chairman of a House Judiciary subcommittee that could consider the bill, says the bill is forthcoming.
FOCA "is among the congressman's priorities. We expect to reintroduce it sooner rather than later," Ilan Kayatsky told the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

"We expect it to be more or less the same bill with some minor tweaks," Kayatsky said. He indicated he expects pro-abortion Sen. Barbara Boxer to introduce a companion bill shortly. Read the full story here.

Stay informed about FOCA and other pro-life news! Sign up to receive our newsletter and action alerts by contacting Hawaii Right to Life at

Midpoint - 40 Days for Life Honolulu

Today is Day 14 of 40, and so far, 99 people have been saved from abortion! Thank you for your faithful prayers--they are making a difference.

We have some exciting news to share! A very generous donor has sponsored a shared booth for 40 Days for Life and Hawaii Right to Life at this weekend's Hawaiian Island Ministries (HIM) Conference. If you will be attending, be sure to visit.

It's coming up fast--the Midpoint Rally on Tuesday, March 17, 5:45pm. Gather at Ends of the Earth Prayer Tower on top of Century Square, 1188 Bishop St, Honolulu. This will be a special time of prayer, praise, holy communion, and teaching about spiritual warfare. ***Note: Access the prayer tower by signing in at the office of Beth Israel Jewish Ministries, suite 603.*** Free parking one block mauka at St. Andrew's Priory, 224 Queen Emma Square. A freewill offering will be taken. Spread the word by getting the flyer here:

And don't forget to save the date for a special event on Day 40, a Liturgy of the Preborn, followed by a Victory Celebration. Click here for details:

Until then, be encouraged to continue praying and fasting diligently for an end to abortion. You can sign up to do that here After all, prayer changes things!

See you on the sidewalk,
Karen DiCostanzo
Communications Coordinator
40 Days for Life Honolulu

"Open your mouth for the dumb [those unable to speak for themselves], for the rights of all who are left desolate and defenseless." Proverbs 31:8, Amplified Bible

Help us continue our mission by becoming a 40 Days for Life Honolulu financial partner. Make your tax-deductible donation payable to Church of the Risen Lord, and reference 40 Days for Life in the memo line of your check or money order. Mail to Church of the Risen Lord, 94-265 Leowahine St, Waipahu, HI 96797

DeGette Challenges Pro-Life Protections

Today's New York Times article about the Obama decision to fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research raised the issue of legislative restrictions currently on the books. In order for the President to get his wish of completely opening the floodgates of taxpayer funding for embryonic stem cell research that destroys human life, he needs Congress to lift the "Dickey-Wicker" amendment, named for its legislative sponsors:
What is the "Dickey-Wicker amendment? Read the rest about what Suzy B has to say here

H/T Cindy S.

Music Video - We Win

Mahalo to Cindy Shaw for sharing.

Adult Stem Cell vs Embryonic Stem Cell Research Ethics Video

H/T to Peter Shinn

Human Sacrifices in America Today?

Human lives are at stake in that we are dealing with finding cures to save lives. But they are at stake even more directly in the human sacrifice involved in their practices. And I don’t mean human sacrifice like all the hard work some humans are putting in to solve these problems. I mean like Temple of Doom, murdering of innocent human life kind of human sacrifice.
Read the rest here

The Billionaire Boys Club and Their Plan to Decrease the World's Population

Who is the biggest funder of anti–people population control programs in the world? If you answered “the U.S. government,” you would be wrong. A small group of the world's wealthiest individuals and their foundations collectively fronts more money for the abortion, sterilization and contraception of the human race than Washington.

This billionaire boys club includes such plutocrats as Bill Gates (No. 1 at $63 billion), Warren Buffet (No. 4 at $28 billion), and Ted Turner (No. 25 at $9 billion)...

...The bottom line is this: The world's population will never double again. Rather, population will peak around 2040 at 9 billion or so, and then begin to decline. Our long–term problem, in other words, is not going to be too many children, but too few children.

Yet the billionaire boys club continues to pour billions of dollars into population control programs to hasten this day. Why?

The answer is as varied as the club members the rest here in a 2000 article in LifeIssues

H/T to Lleander.

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Please Vote No

Please answer the poll question as No to the question being asked by Canada's national newspaper, the Globe and Mail. Go to The Globe Mail and scroll down to the question.

Please vote no. There is an assisted suicide bill presently before Canada's Parliament. Canadian MPs will surely notice the results of the poll. Circulate this note to your email lists and ask people of good will to vote. I ask my American friends to vote too.

As an incurably ill Canadian, I thank you. Assisted suicide and euthanasia never stay with terminal illness. History teaches us that it will spread to include the chronically ill, the severely disabled, the mentally ill, depressed and despondent.

Mark Pickup
North American advocate for
Life and disability issues &

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Democrat feminists plan to push for CEDAW acceptance

David Crary - Associated Press Writer - 3/8/2009 6:40:00 AM

NEW YORK - A global women's rights treaty completed 30 years ago has a better-than-ever chance for U.S. Senate ratification this year, yet the hunt for the needed 67 favorable votes is likely to incur the wrath of activists on both the left and right.

Known as CEDAW (SEE-daw), the treaty's formal name is the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

Since its adoption by the U.N. General Assembly in 1979, all but eight of the 192 U.N. members have become a party to it _ the United States is one of the holdouts, along with Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Iran, Nauru, Palau and Tonga.

This year, with CEDAW-supporting Democrats holding power in Washington, Sen. Barbara Boxer plans a concerted effort to seek ratification as part of her agenda for a new Foreign Relations subcommittee chairmanship overseeing global women's issues.

"We've waited long enough," said Boxer, D-Calif. "All these years later, there's no excuse for not ratifying this critical convention to shine a light on women's rights around the world.

U.S. opponents of CEDAW contend that ratification could lead to legalized prostitution, increased government interference in family matters, and abolition of remaining restrictions on abortion. They also question the value of joining a treaty that has been ratified by countries such as Saudi Arabia, where women cannot vote or drive.

"The treaty is worse than useless," said Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America. "It gives legitimacy to regimes that are committing some of the worst abuses against women."

Wright promised a vigorous fight against CEDAW, which she depicted as "the Equal Rights Amendment on steroids."

If Boxer's subcommittee votes for ratifying the treaty, it would then advance to the full Foreign Relations Committee chaired by Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass.

Kerry is "extremely supportive of stronger international frameworks for promoting global equality and women's empowerment," said committee spokesman Frederick Jones. "He is looking at a number of draft bills and international instruments and will support the most effective avenues to accomplish his ideals."

Article courtesy of

Obama announcing reversal of stem cell ban funding on Monday

From BBC News: US President Barack Obama is expected to lift restrictions on federal funding for research on new stem cell lines. Officials say Mr Obama will authorise the move by executive order on Monday, a major reversal of US policy.

Ex-President George W Bush blocked the use of any government money to fund research on human embryonic stem cell lines created after 9 August 2001. Scientists say stem cell research will lead to medical breakthroughs, but many religious groups oppose the research. Read the full story here.

Archbishop Announces Excommunication of Doctor and Family Members for Abortion on Nine-Year-Old Girl

Brazilian Bishop Sobrinho

The Archbishop of the Brazilian city of Recife has announced the excommunication of a doctor who performed an abortion on a nine year old girl, as well as the family members who made the decision to carry out the procedure.

LifeSiteNews Article

Man Driving to Abortion Clinic Runs Over Pro-Lifer, then Persuaded by Victim's Wife Not to Abort

A lone sidewalk counselor at a Cherry Hill abortion center is suffering from serious injuries after a young man driving his pregnant wife to the abortion facility reportedly struck the elderly counselor and ran him over. But the victim's wife says that the event probably saved a life, as she believes she was able to persuade the man afterwards not to have his unborn child killed.

LifeSiteNews article